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PSR's Strategic Analysis Unit focuses on three areas of national interest: foreign policy, national security, and Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. The foreign policy program examines critical issues facing the emerging Palestinian state in its relations with major international actors. The program seeks to coordinate its activities with the relevant official Palestinian bodies, particularly the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. 

Palestine's relations with the US and Europe is one of the current interests of the program. Topics for discussion include Palestinian-American and Palestinian European relationships in the post-peace era with special emphasis on security relationship, economic assistance, and other areas of mutual cooperation as well as challenges. 
Palestine's relation with Israel is another SAU interest. Topics of discussion here include security relationship, future political and economic relationships, psychological impediments to a lasting peace, implementation of peace agreements, and mutual challenges and problems facing the two neighbors. 

The national security program focuses on post-peace problems including the identification and examination of sources of security threats, self-defense measures, and defense budget. The program on Palestinian-Israeli negotiations involves background research, policy analysis, and meetings, involving academics, policy-makers, experts, parliamentarians, and leaders of political factions examining issues of final status negotiations.

Table of Contents:

The Day After:  How Palestinians Can Cope if the PA Ceases to Function- January-October 2013

 Day After Papers:

Palestinian-Israel Negotiations:

Road Map: (Arabic only)

Second Intifada:

Refugees: (Arabic only)

Gaza Withdrawal: (Arabic only)

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