The Palestinian-Israeli Agreement: "Gaza-Jericho First"

September 10-11, 1993


The policy Analysis Unit at the Center for Palestine Research and Studies is preparing an analysis of the Palestinian-Israeli agreement "Gaza-Jericho First". The analysis consists of a review of the terms of the agreement with emphasis on Palestinian reactions to the agreenent and on its security implications. The last section looks at the possible future scenario.

For this purpose the Center has conducted apoll of 1244 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza on Sept. 10-11, 1933. The Analysis will review the results of poll as part of the section dealing with Palestinian reaction.




The Center for Palestine Research and Studies has conducted a public opinion poll in the West Bank and Gaza. A random sample of 1244 Palestinians, over the age of 18, were interviewed on 10/9/1993 (in the West Bank) and 11/9/1993(in Gaza). The sample was distributed according to population size. Effort was made to represent all residential areas (i.e., city, town, village, and refugee camp). age and sex were also considered.

The interviews were conducted on a face-to-face basis in West bank major towns (Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Ramallah, nablus, Jericho, Tulkarm, and Jenin). In Gaza, interviews were conducted in the following areas: Gaza City (East/West), Alshati', Abasan, banishaila, Jabalia refugee camp, Khan Yunis (city and refugee camp), rafah (city and refugee camp), Alnsairat refugee camp, Albreig refugee camp, and beit Lahia.

Forty well-trained field workers were instructed to visit areas that attract all of society's groups and strata. These areas included, among others, bus/car stations that lead to villages and refugee camps, main markets, city centers, hospital entrances, ..etc.

823 questionnaires were received from the West Bank, and 415 were received from Gaza. The margin of error for this study is plus or minus 3% with a confidence level of 95%....More