The West Bank and Gaza Strip 

 September 29-30, 1994

This is the twelvth public opinion poll conducted by the Survey Research Unit (SRU) at the Center for Palestine Research and Studies. The following topics are covered in this poll: economic living conditions, the negotiations, the performance of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and the opposition, armed resistance, Palestinian-Jordanian future relations, the participation of women in elections, and political affiliation.

SRU has been conducting regular public opinion polls to document an important phase in the history of the Palestinian people and to record the reactions of the Palestinian community with regard to current political events. CPRS does not adopt political positions and does not tolerate attempts to influence the conclusions reached or published for political motives. CPRS is committed to providing a scholarly contribution to analysis and objective study and to publishing the results of all our studies and research. The poll results are published independently and with unit analysis in both Arabic and English. They provide a vital resource for the community and for researchers needing statistical information and analysis. The polls give members of the community opportunity to voice their opinion and to seek to influence decision makers on issues of concern to them. In a broader sense, SRU strives to promote the status of scientific research in Palestine. Consistent with its commitment to the development of the status of survey research in the West Bank and Gaza, SRU has utilized new methods to select the sample (See Methodology section). SPU will be conducting polls every six weeks.

Enclosed are the results of the most recent public opinion poll that has been conducted in the West Bank (including Arab Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip (see Appendix).


General Background


This poll was conducted over a three day period: Thursday and Friday, September 29 and 30, and Saturday, October 1, 1994. A number of political events preceeded the poll, summarized below:

  1. There was an increase in discussion of the topic of elections as the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations regarding elections continued.
  2. The economic situation continued to be one of the most important topics of concern to Palestinians. Mr. Ahmed Quree', Economic Minister for the PNA, made a statement that the wheels of the Palestinian economy were beginning to move. Also, Mr. Fraih Abu Madeen, Justice Minister, announced that more and more companies are registering themselves as legal enterprises in the ministry. The results of the poll as will be indicated later show that the majority of Palestinians feel that the economic situation is still bad.
  3. There is a continuing debate concerning the imprisonment of the supporters of the opposition especially in Gaza. At the same time, dialogue between the PNA and the opposition continued.
  4. Negotiations between Jordan and Israel continued during this period amid an increasing stabilization of their relations.
  5. The transformation of authority over education has been completed in this period where now Palestinians have authority over the educational system..... More