Changing the Status Quo: What directions for Palestinians?

September 2015-March 2016 


Given the current stalemate in Palestinian-Israeli relations and the potential for wide-scale escalation in the near future, PSR has conducted a 6-month policy research on new directions for the Palestinians. The research sought to explore Palestinian discourse on the best means to move forward. Five short policy papers, written by senior Palestinian experts and academics, explore various approaches and directions for the PA to take. All these directions are currently part of the Palestinian public and elite discourse. Each paper describes a specific approach, outlining its potential impact on the Palestinians and Israelis and exploring its contribution to a more effective Palestinian strategy to end the occupation. Each approach therefore represents a component in a larger proposed strategy. The five papers were reviewed and discussed by a task force, a core group of 20 made up of the five authors and fifteen reviewers and discussants. The discussion of the papers took place in six closed workshops attended by experts, policy makers, academics and activists. An open conference was organized on 29 February and was devoted to a discussion of all five papers.  See reports below.

The discussion among the members of the task force was very vibrant and insightful; for that, PSR wishes to express its appreciation for all members of the group for the time and effort they have devoted to this work. However, the discussion among the members of the task force indicated at times serious differences of opinion. In this light, it should be made clear that the papers do not necessarily represent the views of every single member of the task force. They only represent the analysis and the assessment of their authors. 

PSR is also grateful for the support of the Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (NOREF) without which this project would not have been possible. But it should be made clear that this support does not in any way mean an endorsement, on the part of NOREF of the content of the five papers or the final report.  


 Final Report, Khalil Shikaki

 Peaceful Popular Resistance, is it a Feasible Option? Dr. Sufian Abu Zaida

----Comments by: Qais Abd al-Karim & Mr. Jamal Zakout

 Asynchronous and Inseparable Struggles for Rights and a Political End-Game Mr. Sam Bahour

----Comments by: Mr. Mohammad Daraghmeh & Mr. Radi Jarai 

 Making Negotiation Viable, Dr. Ali Jarbawi

----Comments by: Dr. Ayman Daraghmeh & Dr. Azmi Shuaibi

 The Prospect for Palestinian Economic Boycott of Israel: Forms and Difficulties, Mr. Raja Khalidi 

----Comments by: Mr. Fajr Harb & Dr. Ghassan Khatib

 Is It Possible to Suspend Security Coordination?  Mr. Hani al-Masri 
----Comments by: Dr. Naser al-Shaer & Dr. Husam Zomlot