PSR's survey research team has conducted over 200 public opinion polls during the past 20 years (See also CPRS Polls). It has a track record of conducting highly reliable, policy relevant, and informative surveys. Members of PSR Survey Research Unit have been engaged in several types of survey research activities including regular public opinion polls, a democracy index, the Arab Barometer, exposure to violence, and empirical studies of transition to democracy. 

PSR survey research team has also conducted exit polls, a comprehensive socio-political survesy, student elections surveys,  and several joint polls with partners in neighboring countries. PSR Survey Research Unit has a highly trained team of more than 200 fieldworkers and supervisors who are continuously updated on various means of effective interview techniques and survey methodology. Data collectors are trained in sampling techniques and survey and fieldwork methods.

PSR Survey Research Unit is known and respected internationally for its polling work and for its efforts to further objective survey research methodology in the area. Poll results are used by a wide variety of individuals and organizations, including political leaders, researchers, local and foreign press, diplomatic community members, and local grassroots institutions. The results of the polls are disseminated through publication in local and international press, lectures and meetings, in addition to the PSR mailing list of academic researchers, think tanks, diplomatic missions, and others. The Unit is committed to providing scholarly and objective analysis.