Palestinian-Japanese Relations  

 December 2021-March 2022



The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research explored Palestinian-Japanese relations by establishing a joint Palestinian-Japanese working group made up of experts and academics to engage in a dialogue on the various facets of the relationship with the aim of proposing a joint vision on how to strengthen and advance that relationship in a manner that helps it meet the challenges of the future. This initiative sought to examine Japan’s role in the Middle the Middle East by focusing on Japanese-Palestinian Relation through a Joint Japanese-Palestinian second track policy workshops and consultation.

The dialogue took place in two online workshops to discuss the current relationship and explore ideas and policies for the future. In addition, the effort included the preparation and publication of various background reports and working papers addressing some aspects of the current relationship. PCPSR also issued two reports summarizing the presentations and discussion of the two workshops as well as the recommendations of the second workshop. 

Press Release: Palestinian-Japanese Relations: Toward a Joint Vision for the Future 

PCPSR’s Publications of the Joint Working Group on Palestinian-Japanese Working Group 

Background Reports prepared for the first workshop












Background Report prepared for the Second workshop





Reports on workshop’s proceedings






Other Publications