The Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process and PalestinianJapanese Relations(conversations and excerpts from PA/PLO officials)


The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PCPSR) consulted with Palestinian officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the PLO’s Department of Public Diplomacy and Policy on the main issues of interest in Palestinian-Japanese relations in light of the formation of the Joint Palestinian-Japanese Working Group made up of academics and experts and the workshop planned for 26 January.

The conversations took place with three officials:

Mr. Ahmad al Deek, the political advisor of the Minister for Foreign Affairs

Ms. Rana Abu Hakmeh, Director of the East Asia Department,

Mr. Abdualah Awwad, Department of Public Diplomacy and Policy, PLO 

The following topics were raised and emphasized by the Palestinian officials:

  1. The PA-PLO are interested in discussing Japan’s recognition of the State of Palestine. This recognition is seen as a confirmation of Japan’s support for the two-state solution.
  2. All officials showed great interest in a greater Japanese role in providing political support for the Palestinian diplomacy due to Japan’s great standing and role in the international system.
  3. The Palestinians are eager to see Japan play a greater role in encouraging and promoting international efforts to put an end to the Israeli violations of international law, particularly in the area of settlement expansion, which is seen detrimental to the prospects of the two-state solution. . Full Report