Policy Recommendations produced by the Middle East Study Group

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3. Future of the Middle East Peace Process※

  1. Whereas the international community's interest in the Palestinian issue declines, Japan should continue to support Palestine.

Japan has been actively supporting the Palestinians since 1993, when the Oslo Accords were signed. Japan has consistently supported a "two-state solution" whereby Israel and an independent Palestinian state coexist and prosper together as Japan’s basic policy. To achieve this goal, Japan has pursued three pillars of its contribution to peace in the Middle East: (1) political approach to the two sides; (2) assistance to the Palestinians’ efforts for state building and human resource development; and (3) confidence building measures between the two sides. Japan has also worked for promoting trust between Israel and its neighbors by promoting regional cooperation through development projects and technical cooperation. Based on these principles, Japan has set the promotion of economic and social independence of the Palestinians as its basic policy of Official Development Assistance (ODA), and has focused on the following priority areas: (1) stability and betterment of people's livelihoods based on human security; (2) reinforcement of governmental financial base and administrative capacity; and (3) support for economic independence.

One initiative that represents Japan's support for Palestine is the "Corridor for Peace and Prosperity". This initiative is Japan’s medium- to long-term effort aimed at promoting socioeconomic development in the Jordan Valley through regional cooperation among Japan, Palestine, Israel, and Jordan, and at promoting Palestinian economic independence....Full Report


This is a tentative translation of Section 3 in the Policy Recommendation in Rethinking Anti-Globalism: Study on Critical Factors Shattering International Orders –Global Risk Study, The Middle East Study Group, The Japan Institute of International Affairs, March 2020.