Report on the Presentations and discussion of the Second Workshop of the Joint Palestinian-Japanese Working Group

March 2022

Prepared by Khalil Shikaki


The second workshop of the Palestinian-Japanese Joint Working Group was held via zoom on 2 March 2022 with the participation of all 12 members. Unlike the first workshop, this one was open to the public and 18 participants joined the session for a total of 30. The workshop discussed the following six recommendations: 
(1) The two-state framework and the Palestinian search for equal rights: while maintaining and defending the framework itself, Japan and Palestine should jointly call for equal treatment for Palestinians and Israeli Jews under one law as the best means to avoid a future dominated by an apartheid regime. Presented by Professor Ryoji Tateyama and Mr. Raja Khalidi. 
(2) Enhancing the resilience of East Jerusalemites:  Given the growing irrelevance of the two-state framework and the considerable constraints imposed by Israel on assistance provided to the Palestinians, there might be an opportunity for a greater role for Japan in assisting East Jerusalem. Furthermore, given the importance placed by Japanese NGOs on protecting Palestinian human rights, it is essential to help empowering these NGOs in supporting the socio-economic wellbeing of East Jerusalemites by supporting Palestinian civil society organizations in the occupied city. Japan can enhance and utilize existing schemes that should be directed to focus on current needs in areas of health, education, technology, culture and the media. Presented by Dr. Ali Jarbawi and Dr. Nishikida....Full Report